Marcus Acevedo
2024 Defensemen/LSM - Lax Mafia
Marcus Acevedo
Marcus Acevedo 2024 Team 91 Titans
Grad Year: 2024
Position: Defensemen/LSM
Jersey #: 88
Additional Team(s): Lax Mafia, Team Eire

Recent Achievements:
Defensemen on Undefeated IMG National Championship Team (Oct, 2018)
Selected for NLF Futures at IMG Showcase - (Jan, 2019)
Defensemen on NLF National Undefeated Championship Team 2023A (July, 2018)
2024 Warrior All America Games - Team Florida (July, 2018)
Defensemen/LSM on World Series of Youth Lacrosse Team (July, 2018)
Received All World Team Honors at World Series of Youth Lacrosse (July, 2018)
Defensemen/LSM at Dick's TOC Champions, Undefeated Championship Team (Dec, 2017)

Additional Sports:
Weight Training

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